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Myanmar national's green tea chat is very important occasion when family and relatives gather intimately. Friendliness, collectiveness and intimacy are the mainstay of built into this kind of chat.
Tea plants mostly grown in the Shan plateau in Shan state of Myanmar which has a cool climate. Several national races of Myanmar live there. Palaung nationals earn their living by producing dried tealeaves in Shan plateau. Leaves and sprouts of plain tea, cultivated in Shan plateau, are picked and made into various tea products such as pickled tea and dried tea etc.

myanmar-tea-leaves-02The Palaung slopes on which the tea plants are grown in tier by tier look green and pleasant. These pants are 200 years old and native Shan national tea growers descend from generation after generation.
Tea plants are named " Hofi" " Shwefioo" and " Shwefihnaung" according to the harvest time. Some plants are called Kharcantoo, Kharcantgyi and Hninthet. Plain tea leaves plucked in late April is called Shwephyimoelut and the other leaves plucked in June are called Kharcantoo. The best kind of tea is plucked in early April, which is called Shwephyioo.

greentea-03First, tealeaves are spread get fresh air and then steam them with water vapour. Five minutes later, steamed green-tea leaves are laid and spread in the sun and the leaves are rolled and mixed by hands.
After that, the dried tealeaves are available for green tea lovers. The leaves dried in single day are the best ones which provide good scent, taste and colour.

After adding some scented dried tea into boiled water, we get a cup of aromatic cup of tea with astringent taste. Every Myanmar citizen prefers the green herbal plain tea, which has a peculiar taste of both bitterness and sweetness.
So, you are welcome to join our traditional green tea talks.


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