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Highland Toddy Palms grow in many parts of Thahton, Bilin and Kyaik Hto Townships in Mon State, South Eastern part of Myanmar. Local people earn their living by manufacturing. Highland toddy palm leaves into useful utensils.

Among them, stitching palm leaves for roofing is the most significant. A 7-year-old highland palm can bear 30 to 40 branches a year. Cut the stem of the leaf from the base and remove the stalk. Tear them into 2 to 4 pieces according to the size and pile them into two, corner and middle parts of the leaves.

palm-leaves-02Then, they can stitch 6 feet long roof sheets by versifying the torn leaves onto the cut and smoother bamboo stripes. 2 roof sheets can be obtained from 3 leaves of palm. Long stem highland toddy palm have long and soft leaves with large diameter. So it is better to use in roofing material. Local women's skilful and rhythmic work is amazing. Stitching root sheets is the main business in the region.

Then, remove spines on remaining stems for making mats, unveil the over and smoothen it. After drying in the shady place for a while mat weaving is started. For a 6 feet long 4.5 feet wide mat, 270 stems are needed. A thousand roof sheets and 20 mats can be obtained from 1500 palm leaves. Mat weaves create beautiful designs according to their imaginations.

palm-leaves-03They can also make the relaxed chair's sheet by the stem of that palm in the frame of bamboo. After polishing neat and tidy the relaxed chair is ready to give you the treatment of cool and comfort. 5 million roof sheets are produced annually and transported to all over the country, especially to eastern regions of Bago Division. Highland toddy palm roof sheets can give cool feeling in summer and it can endure bad weather. So, Myanmar Traditional Houses from rural areas decorated with highland toddy palm roof sheets are calm and peaceful and environmentally friendly.



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