Myanmar Delicacies

Myanmar nationals enjoy rice and curry as our staple food but we also use to take local snacks as desserts and food other than our main meal.Most of Myanmar local snacks such as steamed glutinous myanmar-tea-leaves-01rice, Beinmoun, Khaukmoun, Mounpyathalet and Mounlonyepaw and Mounlakepya, are made of rice and glutinous rice. Some of the Myanmar snacks are prepared beforehand and some are done instantly for enjoyment. This is instant preparation of Olay Beinmoun or small poppy seeded pancake baked in small pots. Ordinary rice and glutinous rice are mixed together in a grindstone to obtain batter for preparation of small pancakes. The batter is then mixed with pounded garlic, onion and ginger for fragrance. The mixture is fried with edible oil. Steamed garden pea and roasted sesame powder sprinkled on the small pancake. It becomes warm, fresh and delicious Myanmar snack with fragrance. This is baking of Beinmoun or poppy seeded pancake. A mixture of ordinary rice and glutinous rice batter is put in small pans.

myanmar-tea-leaves-02A small amount of batter mixed with jaggery solution is poured on the batter in the pans. Some coconut chips and poppy seeds are garnished. The pans are heated by fire placed on and under them. Some edible oil is soared to keep the pancake not to be sticky on the pan. Then you can have sweet and tasty pancake.
Similarly we can prepare Htawbat Beinmoun or butter pancake. Instead of edible oil, butter is applied for its fragrance. Mounpyathalet or honeycomb pancake is also baked as Beinmoun but, instead of batter with jaggery solution, steamed garden pea, roasted sesame powder and onion are added. It is a delicious Myanmar snack.

This is preparation of Khaukmoun or folded pancake. Put the batter in a small flat pan and spread it as large as the size of the pan. Add jaggery solution; garnish steamed garden pea and coconut chips.


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