Cultural and Tradition


Kachin people's Festivals are called Manaw Ceremonies. There are several types of Manaw ceremony, and Manaw dance is celebrated only in five most important occasions.

  1. To celebrate victory in war.
  2. To gather the clans in order to meet and settle accounts, make plans for the future.
  3. To commemorate a death of an elder.
  4. For a housewarming.
  5. To bring good fortune to new farmlands and cultivation.

cultural-23Manaw ceremonies are very expensive as everyone is invited. The feasts need months of preparation to ensure enough food for the guests. The dishes will include buffalo meat, pork or wild boar, beef, chicken, rice and pots and pots of rice wine. Nowadays Manaw festival is celebrated for the New Year or a good harvest or the unity of the different tribes and clans who will gather to feast and dance together.

In one festival, thousands of people from all villages in the region will be present in their tribal finery. In the manaw grounds, high totems painted in traditional patterns in red, black and white tower over the dancers. In front of them are hung the two instruments essential for the dance: a huge, long drum and a brass gong. The young people meet and fell in culture-24love at the dance, but it is not at all like what would spring to mind on hearing the word. It is a gentle and slow group dance without touching even of the fingertips. The girls wave handkerchiefs and the boys may be allowed to hold the other corner: he cannot get closer than that. The Jingpaw women wear red skirts and black velvet jackets hung with bosses of silver. Their silver wears are intricately made, and handed down from one generation to another.


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