Cultural and Tradition

Myanmar nationals have various modes of life peculiar to respective locality. Chin nationals also have fantastic customs. Chin nationals are adept in safari. They've astounding zest and zeal in this field.
Even when looking at Chin national folk dances, one can notice some enactments at hunting. Chin traditional safari is the embodiment of zest and zeal, tenacity, cooperation and unity. Whenever there is opportunity for such an event, men folk muse, talk and prepare excitedly.
They sharpen their knives, spears and arrows, excitedly discussing ways and means of the hunt. And also seek the advice of village seer. The seer consults powers that be through an egg. The egg is cleansed then six vertical lines are made with a sharp knife top to bottom.

A good piece of bamboo is lit and the amber pressed against the egg making cracks. The seer is competent, it is believed, to predict from the nature of the cracks on the egg.

The seer accompanies his predictions with instructions and warnings to be observed in the outing. He also gives them amulets taken from the bamboo piece used in the prediction. The hunting party then leaves with confidence and in high spirit. Daily chores of a Chin woman include un-husking rice or millet with wooden mortar and pestle.

Chin nationals are fond of traditional fabrics woven by handlooms. The favorite colours are blue, red, green, black and white. Water fetching is also part of daily chores. Containers made of dried gourds are used to fetch water. In the evening, the Safari party returns. Stopping a while on the approach to the village, they let the whole village know their good luck by shouting and hullabaloo. On reaching the village, an appropriate slice of the hunt is forwarded to the seer. The whole evening, a chorus of recount on the day's feat goes on and on, over a large pot of millet, wine of course.

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