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Myanmar is well-known as the land of festivals. Every month, different kinds of Buddhist ceremonies are celebrated. These festivals depict the pious and generosity of the Myanmar people.

Noviciation ceremonies, which are usually held during the summer holidays, stages in grand style with traditional customs throughout the country.

In Northern Shan State, Traditional Buddhist Noviciation ceremony is held for 5 to 7 days. According to the custom, the age of novices-to-be are form 9 to 16 years. Novices-to-be are dressed as like royal princess and whom are carried in processions, around the town every day during the ceremony. In towns as well as villages, traditional noviciation ceremonies are held communally.

Each novice-to-be has two single men and two single women., and a married couple looking after him. Together with the parents, the guardians take care of him during the novice hood. It shows the intimacy and unity in the community, which brings joy and happiness. The duration time of novice-hood last 7 or 9 days. If they get more holidays and free time, the novice-hood lasts longer. During the ceremonial days, the house of the host is lively
through day and night. The success of the ceremony and the host's generosity is composed into a song. And the honourable traditional song is blowing in the air.

There is hustle and bustle on the day of noviciation. All the relatives including novices-to-be, parents, guardians of the novices-to-be and guests are dressed for the occasion carrying various kinds of alms, and parade around the town. The procession satisfies all. So, I would like to invite you to Myanmar and share with us, our joyful occasions.

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