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In eastern Myanmar, Bamar, Shan, Innthu - Innthar, Danu, Taung Yoe, Pao and other nationals are residing peacefully in Shan state.

If you're interested in customs and traditions of Pao nationals who love to wear long blue-black dress and trouser. Well! All these unforgettable things can be found in Katku village, of Shan State.

Katku village consists of 40 households. Pao traditional house was built with thatch roots, walled and floored with bamboos. When you climb the house up the stairways, you'll discover a small veranda where you can put off your shoes.

As soon as you enter the house, you can feel the hospitality and friendliness of sweet smiling Pao family members. It is also learnt that this small veranda is a good place to chat together in free time. Simply protecting the cold weather, every house has only one very small window. There is a group of the strange thing you will discover is one side of the roof is longer than the other side of the roof.
cultural-08Some houses have a barn plus motor and pestles under the same roof. When damsels work in smooth timing the motor works wonderfully.
In the yard, there's another building with high roofs but no walls. It is a place to dry the harvested crops.

You can also find a hand-made two-part wooden motor. Just by turning the central axle firmly left and right, it's amazing to find the husked rice come out. Katku village clearly depicts not only beautiful traditions and customs but also the village life of Pao nationals. Come and see for yourself.

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