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shwe-kyaung-02Shwekyaung (or) the Golden Monastery renown as Golden Kyaung Daw Gyi is 19 Century Kon Baung Manama Architectural Work and is 118 years old. It is situated in Maha Aung Mye Township, Dawna ward, Mandalay. Since a palace hall is constructed and donated as a monastery, it is gilded with glittering gold layers inside and outside thus called "Golden Monastery".
Golden Kyaung Daw Gyi is one of palace buildings on the northern side of Hman Nan Hall of Mya Nan San Kyaw Shwe Nan Daw Gyi Palace. When King Thibaw Min, son of King Mindon ascended the throne when father Mindon Min who built the Mandalay Yadanabon palace. King Mindon passed away in a building and that building removed and reconstructed a monastery at a cost of 120,000 Kyats on 31st October 1883 and donated it.

shwe-kyaung-03Golden Palace Kyaung Gyi has a three-tiered roof. The middle upper second layer was the Zay Ta Wun Saung. Unlike the monasteries of an earlier era, in the whole of Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung, from East to North, there are 15 Teak pillars and South to West 10-pillar line. A total of 150 pillars and 54 Nayar decorated support poles and being built with five Thayet Kin Brick Stairs. The whole Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung is decorated with Myanmar woodcarvings, tapestry with floral designs of Kon Baung Era as well as fabulous works of art and doors decorated with bird and animal statues as well as Myanma cultural mosaic.

shwe-kyaung-04The front parts of the interior are teak pillars, the bases that are adorned with carving of Jataka stories in detail. In the interior of the eastern side is the Buddha statue made of cemented ashes of a branch of the sacred Maha Bowdi Banyan Tree revered by King Mindon. The Golden Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung Gyi resembles the original Mya Nan San Kyaw Shwe Nan Daw Gyi, which escaped allied bombing during World War II. It stands as a Museum of Myanmar Culture of which all Myanmar nationals should be proud of.


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