Shwesettaw Wildlife Park

Duration : 2 days 1 night overland trip from Bagan
Best time- From October to May


Located between 20'12' N and 94'35' E in Minbu, Setote-taya, Saku and Ngapeh Townships of Magwe Division.


213.4 square miles.

Year of Establishment

Established as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1940 and strengthened with more staff in 1985.


Yangon to Magwe, 331 miles by car and Magwe to Minbu, 2 miles crossing Ayeyarwaddy river over Magwe bridge and Minbu to

Shwesettaw, 30 miles by car.


  • To protect and conserve the endemic Shwethamin (Cervus eldithamin) deer of Myanmar.
  • To conserve the "Than-dahat" forest which is part of the Dry Zone Ecosystem and natural habitat of Shwethamin.
  • To conserve the important watersheds.
  • To sustain the environs of the cherished Shwesettaw Buddhist heritage.

Forest/vegetative Types

  • Than-dahat Forest
  • Low 'Indaing' (Dry Dipterocarp) Forest
  • Dry Deciduous Forest


Bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Eld's deer, Wild boar and various types of wild cats, wild dogs and birds. In accordance with 1998 inventory, the population of deer is increasing by (1088±269) and the rare Star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) is also present.

Conservation, Development and Research Programmes

  • Conservation of natural forests.
  • Conservation and maintenance of the buffer-Zone.
  • Conservation and protection of wildlife including the Myanmar Shwe Thamin.
  • Inventory and research on the natural habitats and ecosystem of Shwethamin.
  • Upgrading of the area to promote ecotourism.
  • Educational Programmes of environment conservation during religious festivals

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Observation of the habits and habitats of the Myanmar Shwe Thamin.
  • Observation of the Dry Zone Ecosystem and wildlife.
  • Pilgrimage and homage to the footprint of Buddha.
  • Observation of life and habits of the rare reptile Star tortoise.
  • Observation of the culture of the Chin ethnic nationals.

Accommodation facilities

Accommodation for 20 persons at 2 guesthouses.


Price in US$ per person in a group of;

1 paxt 2 pax 3-4 pax 5-7 pax 8-14 pax 15-20 pax
700 400 300 250 200 190
Validity up to September 2014

 Included in the price are:

  • Daily breakfast.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Local Tour guide.
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Shared accommodation.
  • All transfers and sightseeing by car.
  • Taxes and services.

Not include in the price are:

  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Trip insurance.
  • Tips to guide and drivers.

Above services shall be tailored in accord with your travel plan.




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