salay-01SA-LE is a small town in central Myanmar where the sacred ancient relics of Shinpin-Sarkyo and Mann Pagodas are located. The next site worthy of study, while in SA-LE, is the magnificent art and statue gallery at SA-LE Monastery. The infrastructure tends to be a blend between monastic and residential architecture-152 feet lengthwise and 76 feet breadth wise.

It was learnt that a total of 154 POSTs had to be used for the building and the conjunction was assigned to carpenters from Nyaung Village, Sa Lin Township.

salay-02The monastery, similarly, contains a total of (45) sculptured pieces depicting (550) Lord Buddha's previous lives from the Jataka. The sculpturing handiwork of eminent sculptors from Yessagyo Township, Pakkokku District is to observe and admire if you happen to visit SA-LE.

The monastery now also contains a museum honouring U Ponnya, widely known as SA-LE U Ponnya was a famous Myanmar Literati for his satires, poems and plays. He was also regarded as a clairvoyant and a well sought for figure in the royal courts and public as well.

salay-03The museum has on display a very rare artefact a white writing tablet made of paper (Parabaik). During those ancient times, the Royal Palace and the Head of the Buddhist Sect or his assistant only had the sole privilege of using such material. On display are also a Parabaik in U Ponnya's hand-writing and various kinds of Parabaik and also palm-leaf writings.

Other features of interest are sculptures and Buddha images, gilded cupboards, copper stupas, monastic wooden frames, a palanquin of the Head of the Buddhist sect and other ancient artefacts, all relating to the 17th century Nyaung-yan and 19th century Yadanabon periods.

salay-04And in the main chamber of the SA-Le Monastery, we will have opportunity of viewing a very rare throne and the throne's wooden entrance of the AD-13th, Pagan Period architecture. SA-LE is a small town of Magwe Division in Myanmar easily accessible to it; and if you do happen to pass through its vicinity, why not stop by and pay a visit to its famous pagodas, its rich culture, historical picture galleried of SA-LE monastery and the museum of U Ponnya, a premier in Myanmar literature. SA-LE welcomes you.

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