mrauk-u-01The city of Mrauk U is situated 40 miles (64 km) upstream to the northeast of Sittwe in Rakhine State. Founded in AD 1430 by King Mong Saw Mon, and rebuilt by the help of Portuguese a century later. Mrauk U period took over for three hundred and fifty-five years. MraukU was a cosmopolitan city, fortified by a 19 miles (30 km) long fortification and an intricate net of moats. Palace is at the center of city.

The Golden days of Rakhine civilization were in MraukOo period. Today, majestic and massive monuments can be seen in MraukOo become the ornament of Rakhine culture. There are 48 kings in MraukOo dynasty.

After the annexation of Rakhine by British in 1826, the capital of Rakhine was shifted to Sittwe, since that time MraukOo was being known as Mrohaung (Old City).

mrauk-u-03MraukOo offers a visitor many opportunities to study the culture and traditional heritage of forefathers handed down to the present day of Rakhine generation. All in all it could be claimed as the `` Open-air Museum "of the arts and culture of the people of Rakhine.

As with the pagodas of Myanmar, the MraukOo religious structures could be divided into two main types: the pagodas, which are of a conical structure called stupas without any access to inner chamber and other one is temple, which is with vaulted access to inner chamber or more sides.

Stones were used not only in making temples and stupas but also in statues. The biggest stone statue is 15foot high Wuthay Image.

Stone images were made either by carving a single block of stone and by wedging together stone blocks.

Places to be visited in MraukOo

mrauk-u-02The sights can be visited around MraukOo are pagodas, moats, the garrisons and fortress in ruins, ruined stonework, tumbledown city walls lying scattered around the city and museum. And natural sightseeing around the lakes of Laksay Kan, Anuma Kan and some hills Babudaung, Sangadaung, U Mra Wa Taung and Nibbuza Taung.

Architecturally and culturally important pagodas are Shitethaung, Anndaw Thein, Htukkant Thein, Pitaka Taik, MongbaungZedi, Sandarama
Monastery, Kothaung, Laungbwannbrauk, Mahabodi Shwegu, Sakya Manaung and more.

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