hpa-an-03The Union of Myanmar is the largest peninsular country in the region of South East Asia. It's total area is 261 thousand 228 square miles. The population at present is approximately 50 million. There are 125 ethic nationalities living in Myanmar but the majority are Bamar, Shan, Kayin, Kachin, Chins, Mon, Kayah and Rakhine.

Kayin State is on elongated area lying to the south-east running from the north-west. The total area of the state is 11,731 square miles. Besides Kayin who are the majority, the Mon, Myanmar, Taungthu and Shan live in Kayin State.

The Kayin are the second largest minority in Myanmar. There are two types of Kayin the hill Kayin and the plain Kayin. And they differ in language and physical features.

There are animists, Buddhists and Christians among Kayin but the majority are Buddhists. The Kayin have own letters, literature and culture.

hpa-an-04Sagaw Kayin is the largest majority whereas Po Kayin is the second largest. The Kayin are noted for simplicity, honesty and loyalty. Kayin Don dance is lively, entire and exciting. It is one of their traditional dances usually performed at the harvest time.

The Zwegapin hill and the Zedi on the summit are the demesnes of the beauty of Kayin State. Besides Shweyin Hymaw Pagoda, the Kyaikhtisaung (or) Shwehtisaung pagoda, Myat Saw Nyi Naung Pagoda and Bayint Nyi sacred cave are quits of worship not only for the Kayin pilgrims but also for all Buddhist devotees throughout the country to visit annually for veneration.

Kayin State always invite you warm welcome all union brethrens to visit it. Kayin, another union nationalities have 11 ethnic branches including Sagaw Kayin, Po Kayin, Taungthu Kayin, Taungbaw Kayin. And the have similar customs and traditions.

hpa-an-05There are many Kayin cultural activities worshipping the Duway Pagoda Paya, propagating Nat spirit paying homage to etcetera deities, traditional boom fire festival are held since old time till today. On such occasion, Kayin Don dance is performed.

Don dance originated from the collected social activities. Kayin love Don dance. Don dance provoke communal unity and cultivate sense of corporation. Don dance is the national cultural performance portraying the beauty and love sign of Kayin. It's long last as one of Kayin traditional dances.

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